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Tom Mackay

"In 2014 I regularly used the Newtone five shirts for $20 deal until my dear Mother decided she would buy me an iron and board for Christmas. I don’t really have much spare time, so after a month of wasting away evenings and being unhappy with the results I have reverted back to this deal! I find it effectively cheaper by saving a lot of my time. Maybe one day I will meet a nice girl who enjoys ironing, but until then… "

Michelle Capil

"My daughter recently got a huge stain on her blazier and I asked a friend what drycleaner she used, so she told me Newtone, I took her blazier in and the lady that tended to me was very friendly,polite and informative. My husband picked up the blazer with the stain completely removed and felt the same friendliness from your staff. So thank you for your wonderful service, I am so happy to have found your shop and will be recommending you to others."

Jacob Gray

"I am a typical 25 year old lad who has no desire to use an iron which makes the 5 shirt deal a no brainer for me! Dry-cleaning isn’t the most exciting thing in the world so when the staff are happy and smiling it makes a huge difference."